Hope and Homes for Children

Str. Tache Ionescu 5, Apt. 1, Sector 1,
010352 București

Daniel Mihalache
Corporate Donors Coordinator
Tel: +40 722 587 609
Email: daniel@hopeandhomes.ro

We are a global organisation active since 1994. Our head office is in 
the UK. Our vision is one of a world where no child should suffer the nightmare of institutionalisation. Our mission is to be the 
catalyst of global eradication of institutionalisation for children. We believe that all children have the right to grow up in a family environment.

In 2000 more than 100,000 children were abandoned in orphanages in Romania. Hope and Homes for Children has played a significant part in reducing this number. Today there are less than 8,000 children in institutions in Romania, living behind closed walls.


-Closing down institutions: moving children into families.

-Reforming the child protection system: transforming the legislation in Romania and the service infrastructure.

-Reintegrating children back with their families. Preventing the separation of children from their families.

-Integrating young people leaving the child protection system: support for independent life.

-Training and technical assistance: training the staff in the child protection system.