Gin O’live BVBA

Outrijvestraat 24
8551 Heestert

Jan Fivez
Area Development Manager Gin O’live Romania
Phone +40737271084

O’live Gin is new brand of gin distilled in Belgium. By opting for exclusively natural ingredients, refined production methods, a unique savor and an innovating branding, the  entire focus intends to stress a truly ‘reinvented’ character.

The ‘Les Alpilles’ olives from  Southern France, as main taste maker, release their oil during distillation and boost a smooth taste appealing to the male and female liking.

Since its launch in April, 5 Michelin starred restaurants have adopted O’live gin in their liquor menu. Belvedere Brasov, most rewarded restorant in Romania, is our local top reference.

Presenting the gin in an lookalike of a  stylish olive bottle and communicating clearly on the light, smooth, expressive savor is meant to convince both genders of its qualities.

Gin O’live is as such the only gin investing evenly and intensively in ladies’ appreciation.