71 Eroii Sanitari Blvd, 2nd floor, District 5, Bucharest, Romania
Zip code 050472

Contact Person
Adrian Sita – CEO
Phone: +40765 331 509

Everything starts with an idea and with Gentlab it becomes real!

Gentlab is a company which successfully delivers custom software development for large companies and global providers. We are a software development company based in Bucharest which offer solutions and build apps for a wide range of clients. Our main focus is on large and complex projects, that we successfully deliver for our regional and global partners. Over the past years we have worked with several large companies and our asset is based on exploring potential solutions and prompt in delivering them. We are focused on software engineering by providing high-end technology from well known vendors. Our aim is to deliver business value and that can only be done through quality. We ensure a high quality outcome by following the standard development methodologies by our team’s proficiency, that guarantee a quality implementation and a timely problem solving. As business value we are delivering measurable and expected business results by following the best practices in the industry, using the latest technologies and improving people’s lives.

Through innovation, commitment and professionalism, we think IT!