Dentist International 24/7 Dental Clinic

34 I.C. Bratianu Bvd, Floor 4, apart 12
Sector 3, Bucharest

Tel: +40 31 425 79 54

24/7 Dental Clinic aims to reinvent the dental field through a wide range of high-quality treatments, sustained by a team of specialized doctors and a comfortable and friendly environment, characterized by a unique architecture and warm color palette, all of this with a non-stop schedule.
In order to meet our patients, we persevere in executing with fairness and professionalism all our treatments, in choosing the best materials and the best dental technicians so that our work will be at the highest level.

Our range of dental services include: cosmetic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, endodontic treatment, prophylaxis, periodontics, urgent pain relief, radiology.

The quality treatments are performed by dentists with excellent qualifications and international work experience, the entire clinic activity being headed by Dr. Lorelei Nassar, dental surgeon and implantologyst with over 21 years of experience both in Romania and Israel.

The completion with success of any dental treatment is our target and the satisfaction of our patients is the greatest accomplishment for us. Being proactive fans of a healthy lifestyle, we have the pleasure to collaborate with the National Rugby Team for which health is the performance engine.