7A Aleea Alexandru Street
1st District, Bucharest

(+4) 0746 23 55 38

CRISTALLINI is recognized as one of Romania’s leading fashion houses specializing in red carpet gowns. Our designs are renowned for their effortless
elegance and versatility, combining classical elements of timeless beauty with a contemporary edge.
Since our inception in 2009, CRISTALLINI has successfully created  a buzz among influential figures and celebrities alike. The ornate gowns and chic ready-to-wear pieces have been spotted on prominent red carpet events as well as popular television networks and recognized editorials.
With utterly sophisticated gowns, refined and dazzling cocktail dresses, luxurious bridal designs and stylish Ready-to-Wear outfits, CRISTALLINI is a brand suited for all ages and tastes. Our gifted designers make sure that they add a touch of sparkle and a dash of cleverness into every creation, striving to highlight
the enticing shapes of the feminine silhouette Read more here

CONSIGLIERI is a dynamic, foward-looking brand, with a contemporary vision of the modern gentleman’s image.

We offer our clients a special Custom-Made tailoring experience with unique garments specially designed and personalised for them.¬† Each element of a man’s personal style can be brought out and expresssed through this concept.

Consiglieri’s Custom-Made experience begins with an indepth conversation with one of our experts and ens with a perfectly designed garment. Read more here