Bulevardul Unirii 64-66, Bucharest, 030829, Romania

Email c.pricop@cbc-it.ro
Mobile: +40 753 011 337

CBC IT INNOVATION SRL was Created to provide professional services allowing everyone to access the Crypto Based Currency industry; The company was founded by industry experts from the financial, technical and administrative fields.

Bitcoin is a tour de force according to Bill Gates. The underlying Technology can dramatically improve the way we do commerce.

Banks and governments worldwide are starting to adopt and integrate blockchain technology.

CBC IT is the first company in Romania which provides a complete package of Crypto based services which include Mining, Trading, Exchange and above all, education.

As with all new Technology it takes time for mass adoption and we can all identify with the history of the internet and email and now find it almost impossible to live without it.

Everything is difficult until it becomes easy.

CBC IT is here to bridge that gap and aid its customers to make the transition and journey a seamless one.