Brightway® Romania

Str. Popa Nan, nr. 171, Bucuresti

Tel: 0743 086 008

Brightway is a management consultancy and training company who delivers educational programs for personal and professional development and better organizational performance. Whether they are CEOs in multinational companies, entrepreneurs, coordinators or just regular team members in an organization, the participants receive, through our revolutionary techniques, a set of „tools” that would eventually help them gain wisdom, time and, on the long term, money. Our training programs offer new directions and concrete actions for obtaining the results that participants want to achieve, helping them to establish a balance between values, professional activities and personal life.

Brightway was founded in 2004 with the goal of supporting and encouraging a constant personal and professional development that would benefit not only the participant’s career but also the organization as a whole, regardless of its size and activity. Following this goal, we created a set of training programs based on practical simulations and specific situations that would adapt to our participants needs and business lines.

During the 13 years we’ve been on the market, we collaborated with over 300 companies, helping more than 20.000 participants through our programs, 80% of which chose to continue our collaboration due to the results they observed afterwards.

We invite you to consult our training and development programs and contact us for any questions or suggestions.