Albion International Study (SC Albion Training SRL)

1 Decebal Boulevard, Building H2,
Entrance 5, 5th Floor, Ap.140,
Sector 3, Bucharest

Tel: +40 (0) 721 653 860

Albion International Study is a British-owned consultancy service helping Romanian and international students enter leading UK universities. We offer a range of support packages which enable high school students to:

  • identify the best degree subject to meet their academic interests and career aspirations
  • increase their chances of success with super- and extracurricular activities
  • choose appropriate universities
  • submit strong and effective applications.

We can offer specialised guidance for medicine, dentistry, art and architecture applications as well as interview training packages.

In 2015 five of our clients were accepted at Oxford and Cambridge, and fifteen into University College London. Other popular destinations include Durham, Warwick, Bath, Exeter, Lancaster and York.

Our team consists of very experienced British teachers and university lecturers, some of whom are based in Romania, while others are in the UK. Although our office is in Bucharest, we work with clients across the country as well as a small number from Hungary and Greece.