What and why Super Teach?

9 May 2018 @ 19:00 Europe/Bucharest Timezone

Students are in a great need of the emotional support and motivation from their teachers, even more than the information. More than that, this made for us the difference between a good teacher in a classroom and a teacher which positively influenced the choices in life of a student from the general point of view.

It is well known that those one of us interested in the professional and personal development, we search and find the inspiration in videos on ted.com and occasionally on TED conferences organized in Romania.

Same is for the teachers which belong to the category of ‘special teachers’; they find the inspiration in tuition from videos and online materials realized by specialists abroad.

So we ask ourselves ‘what can we do to offer to those teachers inspiration and motivation from Romanian specialists?

How it will be if all the teachers which are meeting in the school to be similar to that one which influenced your development as a child and come into your mind when we ask the above question?

Those were the fist thoughts which convinced us to organize the SuperTeach conferences. Then we go further and we decided to help and form more teachers. This is how the second step of SuperTeach project was born: the forming program Outward Mindset for Teacher.

The project bring us all together with the same wish, to have schools with motivated and passionate teachers, not as an exception of the system, but as a normality.

Join us to the SuperTeach Fundraising Gala on the 9th of May and make a difference! (Location to be confirmed.)

The presentation of the project and the sponsorship opportunities can be found here and for detailed information and how you can participate you can email contact@superteach.ro and events@paservices.ro