9 October 2017 @ 08:30 – 15:30 Europe/Bucharest Timezone
Hotel Sheraton - Platinum Conference Room

The GDPR Regulation will enter into force on 25.05.2018. Implementing GDPR will be a real challenge for companies that will need to be prepared to ensure compliance with the rather complicated legislation in the field of personal data processing and protection.

The new regulation brings fundamental changes to the protection of personal data, the new rules will also apply to data previously collected and processed, which will result in a reconsideration and adjustment of the entire data collection, processing and storage process.

Since the regulation adopted by the European Union targets all types of entities (private, public, NGOs), it is very important that each organization processing personal data knows and understands the measures it has to take and assesses the way which GDPR will affect current operations and activities in order to be prepared and minimize the risk of fines that can reach up to 4% of the turnover or the equivalent of 20 million EUR.

In the professional forum, we aim at presenting and discussing elements of novelty and key aspects of the GDPR regulation, to set the stages for compliance and provide viable solutions to companies and institutions in order to streamline implementation process.

Key topics:
 The optimal way of exercising the rights of the data subjects
 Important aspects regarding the processing of personal data
 Challenges and solutions in the proper implementation of GDPR
 New developments in the field of cyber security from a GDPR perspective
 Consent under GDPR. From theory to practice
 Privacy by default and privacy by design in the new data protection policy
 Assessment of the impact on the protection of personal data
 Criminal law protection of personal data

The forum is intended for all professionals working in the field of personal data protection and processing, those who assess compliance and those interested in the topics under discussion.

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