“Communication Skills – 20th of September 2018 – Bucharest

20 September 2018 @ 09:00 – 18:00 Europe/Bucharest Timezone
Golden Tulip Times Hotel”

The biggest challenges in a company start from an inefficient communication style both at the organizational level and in relation to the external environment. Through a well-defined process, all these barriers could be identified and eliminated in a timely manner, successfully fulfilling the targeted objectives.

In this regard, we invite you to a Communication Skills workout, a complex program combining communication, assertiveness and empathy techniques with verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal language tools tailored to the participants’ activity style.

Practically, after this training, you will gain:

✓ An analysis of the communication process in your own organization;

✓ Identification of the main communication channels used at work;

✓ Understanding communication styles, identifying the elements that can be generalized and the particularities of each interaction;

✓ Proper use of paraverbal and non-verbal language;

✓ Techniques to communicate assertively in the business environment;

✓ Providing and receiving feedback;

✓ Creating a connection with the interlocutor and ways to maintain quality relationships;

✓ Action plan for the practical application of the discussed concepts.

For more details about this program or any other Brightway programs, don’t hesitate to contact us. The link to the official event can be accessed here.

CONTACT  –  E-mail: alin.muntenasu@brightway.ro; Phone No: 0741 260 499

WHEN  –  20th of September 2018 (9am to 18pm)

WHERE  –  Bucharest – Golden Tulip Times Hotel”