4th edition of Balul Bucuriei, “Beyond the Stars”

17 September 2019 @ 19:00 Europe/Bucharest Timezone
Palatul Bragadiru, Bucuresti
Calea Rahovei 147 - 153
250 RON
Nicoleta Orlea
0751 278 391

This year, the 4th edition of Balul Bucuriei, “Beyond the Stars …” is organized together with Palatul Bragadiru and Backstage Production Group, hosted by Mihaela Tatu, an evening during which we will be delighted by Feli‘s voice and Nadia Comăneci Foundation and choreographer Viviana German Potlog will amaze us with an emotional opening moment.

Among the surprises of this edition is the charity raffle “Read and Give”, where award-winning Romanian writers offer 40 limited edition titles for any contemporary literature lover.

Andrei Plesu, Mircea Cartarescu, Ioana Nicolaie, Gabriela Adamesteanu, Ana Blandiana are some of the well-known authors who support the cause of children with autism at this year’s Balul  Bucuriei.

1 Ticket to the raffle is worth 100 lei (2 hours of therapy for 1 child with autism). The raffle tickets will be available for purchase during the event.

Balul Bucuriei is an annual philanthropic event, an opportunity to participate in the only charity gala dedicated to children and young people with autism in the south of Romania, where about 200 entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, public persons will participate.

Only together can we really bring hope to the world of children with autistic spectrum disorder. We invite you to join our sponsors and partners for the 4th edition of Balul Bucuriei, so that together we can give the little ones a clear, sound and powerful voice.

Choose the participation that best suits you or your company and remember that every help matters!

The destination of the funds we intend to raise at Balul Bucuriei:

  • Free therapy program for 20 children with autism – social cases
  • Free evaluation and diagnosis program for 150 children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Training and support for 150 parents in the process of recovering their children


To participate, details at https://balulbucuriei.autismvoice.ro


We thank our sponsors and partners so far!

Silver Sponsors: Electronic Design & Consulting Group

Bronze Sponsors: Ariston Thermo Romania

Partners: Teodora Ionascu and Associates, Nadia Comaneci Foundation, Dance with Lives, Leader Team Broker Asigurari, Flower House, 1000 Chips, Association of Sommeliers in Romania, Ramada Bucharest Majestic, Crama Girboiu.

Media partners: Radio Romania Bucuresti FM, Radio Itsy Bitsy, DeBizz, Elite Business Women, BRCC, Business Mark, CASPA, MedicalManager.ro, CSRMedia, StiriONG, Ziare.com, Forbes Kids