Communicate Inside the Community

We may live in the information age, but today, for a successful business, you need to communicate with your employees, customers and partners, however, customer care and communicating with your customers and partners often is not as simple as just walking over to their desk.

Today, we are working with enterprises and people across the world, and no doubt, the internet is an effective way we can stay in touch with people. To grow your business efficiently in this new age, you need some better ways to stay in touch.

And a good thing is, there are some more ways to communicate with coworkers now than ever before. Although, you don’t have to be doubtful if you can stay in touch, but you need to find a better way to stay in touch with them.

The internet has brought us various new mainstream online communication ways, which revolutionary saved us time in the creation and delivery of our messages. In some years’ time, we have enlarged the tools openly understandable to everyone with hundreds of new forms of some helpful information presentation and transportation, which helps to create a feeling of an effective presence no matter how big the distance between two persons who are communicating, is.

Chat in a community

Chat is an interactive online website or space, where all members get together at the same time and they used the same form to send each other messages in public or private, that are being sheltered as a list of posts on one page. Whenever you login in into a chat account, you will be able to read all the messages live and reply to one or all the members a message about ongoing debate or it can be about inviting members to start a new discussion.

Participants can sometimes use a private chat to speak freely with one other fellow. Private chatting allows them to form closer relationships. This helps them to create a higher level of attachment on the community platform as each participant forms and increase more one-to-one relationships. This is good.

The issue with private chat is that groomers, trolls may be able to allure participants they targeted in the group areas into the private chats where supervision of their behaviors is mostly hidden. It is in this channel that intelligent curse filters are invaluable to the community moderator.

A good filter block sharing of Personally Identifiable Information, profanity, and all other phrases or words that considered inappropriate by the community moderator.  The good thing is that there are many levels along with the filter and moderation tool which allows the moderator to actively monitor and control the behavior of all within the community.

 How can we get most of our participants to participate actively and contribute to our online communities? Well, it is an important trick to use these features that your private online community platform is offering, especially those that support engagement. Polling in any online community is one of those features. Here, we are presenting some ideas on how you can get your community participating in polls more often.

Polling in the community

Let’s face it, in any community, every participant enjoys being asked their opinion about anything. With a membership corporation, different ways can be used for online polling to engage the audience are extensive. Everything from convention themes and a choice of host cities, to selecting some award recipients. You can make some polls for fun and “get to know you” questions as well.

Although, if you want to engage some audience by using the polling technique, you should try these types of polling in your online community.

Entertaining Polls

These polls have no practical application for your enterprise and also can be as short as one question. These polls are purely for fun and the purpose is just to get your members used to participate in your polls.

Informative Polls

Just like the name sounds, these polls are helpful where participants will learn a little about themselves or your organization. And sharing the collective results of polls can be a lot of fun.

Conclusive Polls

This type of polling helps you decide based on your community participants’ preferences.

Final thoughts

  • Each form of communication in the online community can enhance the user experience, but sometimes it presents unique challenges for the community moderator.
  • It requires more effort and attention to maintaining and growing an online community for a dedicated small business.
  • Contents and interactions in an online community create a strong environment for increased customer loyalty and interest.

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